100 Days of Cancer #100Days

Today is my 100th-day fighting breast cancer

Cancer, you have stripped me down to a place I never thought I would be, let alone at the young age of 34. You have given me a run for my money with the side effects of chemotherapy aka the “Red Devil“. You have given me:

  • A freezing cold nose (at all times)
  • Achy bones – that can only be described as sharp sticks popping through my skin
  • Blurry vision (when I’m forced into watching cartoons with my children.)
  • Days where speech is not an option
  • Long days where I can’t move from my bed
  • You have made me 100% bald

All the while, I still hate, you…. Let me remind you of the alternative life perspective you have given me in these 100 days.


Love and gratitude like I have never experienced. I never in my wildest imagination realized how much I am LOVED. I am now more than ever thankful to have such special friends and family in my life. I guess it is hard to teach or explain to someone who has not been diagnosed with cancer themselves, but this diagnosis gives you a special way of connecting with people on a deeper level. It is so unbelievably amazing.

“Good friends help you find important things when you have lost them…your smile, your hope, and your courage.” – Doe Zantamata



As a mom with a three and a five-year-old. On a “normal” day my house is chaotic from 5-7pm, but… Can you imagine what it’s like doing all of this in a mental fog also known as chemo brain?

Fast forward to tonight, so I was feeding my three-year-old dinner and she ran her fingers through her head. That’s when I noticed that she still had a bottle of shampoo sitting on top of her head! Yikes! You know what; she is fast asleep with all those suds in her hair and life will go on. I can’t imagine my non-diagnosed cancer self being ok with that!

Here’s another hilarious moment. My kids call me “baby spice girl” since I am completely bald. Apparently, it is a LOL doll, which I am too frugal to buy.

I went yesterday with Savannah and finally caved in to buy what I thought was a LOL doll in hopes to finally get to see “baby spice girl” that I am being named after. Well, for $4.99 all I got was a fizzed ball that had a small plastic 1 X 1-purse object. All you can do is LOL and think that someone in China is getting really, really rich off this concept. LOL.


“Laughter Is The Best Medicine”



To all of you reading this. You really do not know what you mean to me, your endless love and support has carried me through this crazy cancer ride. Thank you for helping me and my family by all of your acts of kindness to make me smile, while inside I am truly fighting to keep in together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for being on Team Tara.

I am definitely looking forward to the next 100 days, where I can be done with Chemotherapy!

What mountain are you climbing today? Share it in the comments below.

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  1. Love you and your family. Your spirit sustains you through this mess. This time next year, your blog will be much different…cancer will be gone, so will chemo and it’s side effects. Our Tara will have a full head, possibly curly, dark hair and your beautiful smile will still be with all of us!

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