Breast Cancer Journey

Hello, my name is Tara and I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 34 years old. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend who had no previous symptoms of anything wrong with my boobs. In fact, I tested negative for my BRAC 1 and BRAC2 genes.

aBRACadabra, you’re diagnosed with breast cancer:

On December 30th, I had my annual exam with my gynecologist. They called and asked me if I would see a new doctor to their practice. I had no thoughts about it and did not mind that it was a female. Her name was Dr. Edna Garcia, and she may have just saved my life.

As I mentioned, this was only a routine annual check-up. I am too young for mammograms; never felt a lump in my boobs, in fact, did not even know what I would even search for if I did. When I met Dr. Garcia, she did such an amazing job with my physical, I’m not too sure I’ve ever had one so in depth before.

Well, there she was, feeling my boobs as she concentrated on one spot. She had me feel, and I couldn’t even tell what she was feeling for. Then came the dreaded words; “I’m suggesting you get a mammogram because I feel a small bump.”
Not sure what to do or who to call since it was basically New Year’s, I found a center that had an opening. The radiologist wanted more screenings, as it wasn’t clear in the first image what it was. PANIC set in! My husband and I scrambled and one of our best friends got us in to an amazing screening center on January 5th. They ran the mammogram test and then sat my husband I down. The radiologist was incredible. Without confirming what it was, he was preparing us for the worst at which time he wanted us to stay and have a biopsy done, that day.

The Dreadful Phone Call
January 9th, 2018, 10 days since this journey began with my annual exam, I got the message that almost took my breath away. It was 1:15pm and I had just finished my work out at my local gym.

You have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

The biopsy came back positive for cancer.  I knew that day, my whole life was about to go into whirlwind of unknown change. Was I ready for that? Could I do this? How? Am I strong enough? Here I am, finishing my last work out strong after that dreadful call.

Join me on my journey and learn from the experiences, including my joys, my “not so” happy days, and my new mind set in life as I conquer this battle!