It’s My Birthday and I’ll Love My Body If I Want Too…

For my birthday 35th birthday, and to anyone following my breast cancer journey, I want to pass along this gift to you: Body Love. I want you to take the time to talk to your body and thank it.

Every. Single. Morning.

One day you could wake up wishing you would have appreciated a part of it that might not be there anymore.

Thanks again to Cancer; I have been taught body love, self-love, and deep spiritual connection, that I have taken for granted all of these years.

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EveryBODY Needs to be Thanked.

First, I want to take the time to thank my body, for allowing me to carry two pregnancies. If I would have had Breast Cancer just three years later I would have never received this precious gift. My body and I have gone through so many changes;

  • We had two beautiful children
  • We have trained hard for events such as tough obstacles that left us sore and strong-her.
  • We have gained more weight – more than we would have liked;)
  • We were not always happy about the way we looked, but we got through it.
  • We lost our breasts during a Bilateral Mastectomy.
  • We lost our hair and our eyebrows.
  • We have experienced five months of chemotherapy and fought together as if we were in an actual war.

…but we are and will always be strong-her together with body love.

I am proud of us for that.

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Body Love Wisdom

As we grow older, I often now stop and wonder, “How we will age together?” Together, I believe we will gain a newfound wisdom, love, and beauty – I mean, look at what we have already been through!

A Pink Promise to Myself

I will no longer worry about my hair and I will honor and respect ever scar, every mark, and battle we will continue to go through as I continue this journey of breast cancer.


This year as I blow out my candles, I wish for all of us to have these three things:

  1. Mind: Always listen to your body.
  2. Body: Love yourself.
  3. Soul: Trust the miracles our bodies do for us every single day

Let us inspire each other to tune into one’s self. Breast Cancer has taught me self-care, self-love and incredible things have happened because of that. My question to you is…

How have you connected to your mind, body, and soul lately?

Photograph – Body Love by: Andrea Friedman

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