The Doctor Who Suggested To Get A Mammogram

My next appointment Wednesday Morning. 1/24/2018

While I am over here waiting for more results, I want to share with you a little more of my story.

On 12/29, I was scheduled for my


yearly annual exam with my gyno. I decided to have the office switch me to a female doctor, because I just felt that the past two annuals they were very quick and the male doc didn’t pay much attention to me. This was not the doctor I used for pregnancies.

Dr. Enda Garcia was so patient, so kind and extremely thorough. She gave me for the first time a real breast exam. She said, “I want you to go get a mammogram. I feel something, but I am not sure and rather be safe.” Fast forward to a few weeks later and what feels like 100 Doctors later, they all said the same thing, “HOW DID SHE EVEN FEEL ANYTHING? KUDDOS TO HER!” The way it is spread through my breast was impossible to feel. The size and complexity of it would have not been felt for one to maybe several years later and I would be in a very different situation than I am in right now.
We called Dr. Garcia On January 2nd for further information and the office had informed us that she resigned and walked out of that office on 12/31 and no information to share on where she is now.

First Silver lining: Dr. Garcia, You are my Angel. I hope to cross paths with you again. Had I not been so blessed to see you, or even pushed out my appointments to do things with my children over my PTO from work, I would not be where I am today. From the bottom of my heart and every inch of my soul…Thank you.

Second Silver Lining: My mom was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and has been cancer free for over 2 years now. While she was going through this experience I decided to get tested for the BRAC1 Genetic testing for proactive reasons and because it’s a higher risk for being part of the Askonomi Jewish heritage. My Results were NEGATIVE for the BRAC1 test. Here I am literally 2 years later.

The reason to share my story is this:

If you have two or more family members in your family with breast cancer or colon cancer. Please for me, schedule your mammography NOW from the age of 30. Do not wait for the doctors to do to you at 40. Be proactive!!!!! Second if you have breast cancer in your family history please go get tested for the BRAC1 and BRACA2 genetic testing.

I hope I can change someone’s future one day at a time.

Love you all, Me #futurecancerslayer

stage 2 breast cancer waiting for results young women
Waiting for my breast cancer stage 2 results


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