Blue Ribbon & Pink Ribbon Warrior: The color won’t define our fight together.

Tomorrow, I get to go to NY. Not for a vacation, but to visit my mom whose fighting a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and we have not seen in 6 months.

You see…..Cancer met me in 2015 when my mom was originally diagnosed. I was uneducated. I was not nearly as strong as I am now. I didn’t know how precious and beautiful life REALLY was. I was not an advocate. I was not a survivor…..YET.

She is the one who given me my strength to be so strong. To love myself.

2018 is when you decided to shake my entire world up. Most days I thank you for opening my soul for the world to see, but some days, as to be expected, I have to take the time to look at my body; too many new scars to count and just remind myself how grateful I am to be alive!

But this trip to New York is not about eating some good old New York food, it’s not really about seeing my best friends and childhood friends that have a special place in my heart. Don’t worry Alyssa Ill see you tomorrow.

It’s about visiting my mom, who once again, is fighting for her life. This time in New York. This time, states away from her children and beautiful grandchildren.

No-one Fights Alone! Not in this family!

It’s a hard and mental process for me to understand that technically my mother and I over the past 4 years have been fighting cancer at the same time.  Although the real fight of battling through chemotherapy and treatment never actually happened at the same time.  Somehow, I’ve managed thus far being my own therapist, but days like today when thoughts pop into my head, how? Followed by why?

I am QUICKLY reminded about the lesson of life. The lesson that I am able to see EVERY SINGLE DAY! Life tomorrow is not promised.

So, I just ask today, and always, to just BE KIND.  Don’t hold grudges. Speak your mind. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Make the time for your HEALTH and more importantly stop sweating the small things. LAUGH and LOVE deeply.

See you tomorrow my blue-ribbon warrior Mother.

Keep On Fighting!