Happy New Year, Cancer.

Hello, 2020! It’s been a while since I have written in my blog and that’s mainly because I have been busy doing two things called Healing and Living.

The first of the New Year is usually filled with goals, resolutions, diets, and cheer. However, for me, it’s a time where am living and at the same time re-living the once upon a time, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

It was two years ago this week; while the world was going, mine felt like it was about to spiral to a new unknown game of life called


Cancerland…just not as Sweet! Patent coming soon.

No, not Candyland, although, that would be a great board game for cancer patients.

You would each get a game piece to resemble a pill, beanie hat, a needle and maybe a vomit bag. You would spin the wheel which would move you a few blocks ahead or maybe a few steps back; just as you would in real life cancer diagnosis. It would include cancer information, health tips, blocks of dates you would lose your hair, receive treatment, potential side effects, and the end would be the bell that you hopefully ring as you finish the game. In the game, we would all have the chance to beat cancer. Sounds perfect. Okay, I let my imagination run and now back to my story.


You May Have Cancer…..Now What?

  • Write down 2-3 goals of the day to keep you feeling sane
  • Think about making a Living Will
  • Meditate and Pray
  • Write a list of people you will need to tell and decide how you are going to tell them
  • Think of a way you will celebrate if the diagnosis is negative

January 3rd through January 8th, 2018, my husband and I trembled with this information and the what-if of being diagnosed with Cancer. To this day; I remember the way I was breathing, I remember that look in my husbands’ eyes, I remember the moments of lying in bed after our toddlers were asleep, I remember how the breeze from the open window in the car all of a sudden felt better than ever, I remember the way everything in my world stopped; I remember this moment and all the innocence removed from my life since then.

Heal. Grow. Love. Thrive.

As for me, this is a Happy New Year. It is a year that I am not waiting for any phone calls, but instead count the years of being a BAD A** Survivor. It’s a date that I will continue to learn and embrace my new body, my scars, my hair growth and my life.  It’s a date that I will continue to remember that the world came on my Journey with me—we became stronger, kinder, wiser and more knowledgeable about cancer together.

“The only way out is …Through.”