Pay attention to your body ladies! Get to know your breasts and watch for changes regularly. If you are under 40 and do not have any other risk factors, early detection is how you are going to find any abnormal changes.  

A year ago, today I was living in a hell version of Groundhogs Day. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I was told that the first step of my journey was going to be a double mastectomy.  

Translation through the fog: Say Goodbye to Your boobs.

When a person is diagnosed with breast cancer, information and procedures happen at lighting fast speed. By the time you have to process that you are going to be having your breasts removed, chances are you are already on the operating table. I did not have time to Google, or really process what my breasts will look like after. Personally, I had one thing in mind and that was to do whatever was needed to do to remove the cancer from my body. Breasts or no breasts, I was still going to be me. I was still going to be a beautiful strong mother to my daughters. That is all I cared about and will continue to ever care about as long as I live.

February 8th, 2018 I had my double mastectomy.  It was this date that I have forever become changed women. Not all journeys start out with the removal of breasts, but mine did.

Having a double mastectomy may have changed my physical appearance, but will never change me as a person. If anything, it has contributed to my strength and perseverance in life to accept inner beauty more than ever.  A part of my body that was so significant to my womanhood and motherhood are no longer there.

After a year of fighting. A year of blood work, needles, chemotherapy, hair loss, too many side effects to count, radiation and major surgeries something happened to me that was more than saying goodbye to my breasts through a song. A mishap led me to actually experiencing myself with no breast for the first time after a full year of fighting for my life. It was at this raw moment I realized and step forth with full acceptance of the reality that I had just fought breast cancer for an entire year and will fight it until one day we can say we have a cure.

I remember and will always will remember the numb feeling as I looked into the mirror. Stoned face, anemic as can be, my skin tone at that moment a shade lighter than almost passing out, a long hard look at the reality of what this diagnosis is.

It will make me continue to advocate and educate women to mammograms and yearly screenings so you will never know the battle I faced.

  • knowledge is power
  • mammography is the gold standard for early detection of breast cancer
  • if you have significant family history of cancer, go get evaluated. Speak up to your doctors

If you are taking the time to read this. Please take the time to get to know your body. Talk to your doctors. Advocate about your history and your health. Schedule your MAMMOGRAMS. 

True Beauty is not about appearance. True beauty comes from the inside. The more you show who you really are. The more beautiful you will be.”