Favorite Breastie’s Mastectomy Must Have’s!

My Breastie’s and I recently had some friends join our group that are new to being a Pink Sister and the first question we usually get is… “How To Prepare For My Mastectomy? So I thought I would share all our our mastectomy must have’s from our own personal experiences. These are from some of the Best Breastie’s of Boca!

Friends Don’t Let Friend’s Fight Breast Cancer Alone

Below is a list from 6+ ladies who all have personal experience with undergoing this surgery. Yes, coloring books that say F*CK cancer are cute, but here is how you can really prepare for a Mastectomy and what we needed going into preparation for this major, life changing procedure.

Mastectomy Must Have’s & Gift Ideas

Health & Wellness Preparation

  • You will want to build up on extra protein prior to and after surgery.
  • There are two protein powders that we have enjoyed. Garden Of Life  and PurePaleo Protein
  • Double up on Vitamin C before and after surgery. For example, some lemon juice drizzled over greens. Avoid coffee, tea or milk near meals.
  • Stay away from Vitamin E or fish oils as they may thin your blood
  • You’ll want to buy straws for drinking

Look Good . Feel Good 

  • Cooling Facial Wipes (Pacifica face wipes recommended)
  • Flushable wipes
  • Stool Softener because pain pills can make you constipated
  • Dry Shampoo (For those surgeries prior to chemotherapy)L

Around The House 

  • Move every day kitchen and bathroom items at arms length
  • Have local friends, family and school coordinate a meal train
  • Small step stool that might help you reach mid height items
  • Power Lift Chair
  • Recliner to sleep
  • Thank you notes because gratitude is everything
  • Stamps, pens and paper for notes
  • Notepad to track for when you take

#Breastie Tip

“Put a caddy next to your bed with ChapStick, eye drops, glasses cleaner, pill container in arm reach “

Mastectomy Fashion

This is a time you are going to want to be extra comfortable.

  • Loose button down shirts
  • Open soft cardigan
  • Soft military button down shirt
  • Cozy sweat pants
  • Socks and slipper
  • Zip up Robe as it may be hard to pick up pants with arms
  • Post-surgical Bras * Check out brand Ana Ono

Check out the traveling Mastectomy Shirt Worn after my mastectomy shared by my local support group girls.

Traveling Mastectomy Shirt from local support group that holds drains

We hope this list helps anyone that will be looking for insight on how to prepare for a mastectomy. Much Love from All of Us! We are wishing you the absolute best for recovery and healing. Please reach out if you have any questions. We are here for you as you get these off your chest. Good luck Pink Sister!

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