Reconstruction Rewind and What To Expect

I checked into Boca Raton Regional hospital 7:15am, which was followed up by getting changed in to the classic hospital gown and socks.

My first nurse fished for veins; twice! Since I can no longer use my left arm for blood pressure or blood, this was all done on my right side, which was the first time a vein wasn’t hit on in one shot. I nearly fainted; my head became foggy, ears clogged and cool cloth was on my head as fast as the bed went down. Ten minutes later, I was back.

When all was set up Michael came in where we briefly met with doctors, got my anesthesia cocktail, kissed my husband told Liv and Savi loved them out loud and I was out….

Here is a picture of me and my breast surgeon, Dr. Moncrief. I have a special place in my heart for this women.

Here is what to expect immediately after surgery, which lasted about two hours. By the way, waking up from anesthesia is always rough and my least favorite part.

• Warm heater blowing on you
• Compression socks on
• Very sleepy! (I slept for an additional hour)
• Sore and tender voice because of the breathing tube down your throat
• Expect to drink some water and juice to pee before being discharged

Sorry Michael, he was waiting so patiently, but I was so sleepy I slept another hour until anyone was able to come and see me!

Out came the IV and I was headed home and back in my cozy bed around 2pm. There is no place like home!

Many thought I was just getting my expanders out, but I also got my port taken out!!! After I woke up from my first nap, I felt the most pain in the area where the port was located. I pushed to get the port out during reconstruction because I did not want to go under anesthesia three times in one year, but I did not connect the dots emotionally how knowing the port was out would speak volumes to me.

What Port Looks Like On My X-Ray !


I cannot tell you mentally, how much lighter I feel knowing the port is out; no one really tells you that. That port was everything when it comes to cancer. It is how I received chemotherapy and had blood drawn countless times. That chapter is closed! It is very tender in that area right now, but a reminder of the fight I fought. I have to thank my body for all it has done for me.

After my surgery, the doctors spoke with Michael about how well everything went and to be prepared for the swelling.

I went to hospital in pink and I left more like the quote from clueless. “You look like a farmer in those clothes!”
I love pink, but I also go with comfy clothing after this surgery and of course walked myself out with a smile.

Additional tips for coming home day of reconstruction:

• Fill prescription the night before
• Have chicken noodle soup prepared
• Food cooked and prepped in kitchen
• Water ready to drink and to flush out anesthesia

I received countless, heartfelt messages and I am always thankful for those.

Today, I went back to the reconstruction surgeon for the big reveal. I was unwrapped and put on a special bra to wear for the next six weeks and welcomed the new Tata’s. Special Instruction from the doctor to really take it easy. No cooking. No Cleaning. No lifting. No Laundry. Mr. Mom is on it again. I mean, really, this man has been just incredible.

Love to everyone who constantly supports me on this journey and these next steps.

Tara 2.0

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  1. You are the most amazing woman I know. You’re strength this year is unmatched by anyone, even a Navy Seal. I look up to you, look forward to your blogs, and am simply in awe of how you handle everything that life throws at you. You da best! Love you!

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